Filling the blanks with care at The Next Impact


This ‘Good Governance Day’ The Next Impact also organized an essentials distribution program for the Aanganwadi children in Borlay. Sweaters, school bags, and stationery etc were made available to the children so that they get what they deserve. The founders, Mr. Anup Mandloi and Ishwar Patidar were a part of this distribution program whereas the local MP, Hon’ Gajendra Singh Patel graced and blessed the children with his presence.

Our team members are compassionate citizens ready to drive better change within their communities on the ground. When they went for the donation drive, they saw children came running towards us, their eyes portraying their need. They looked so grateful for the gifts we gave them, just because they are at least getting something they never could have afforded. We as a team are proud to be spreading happiness where it is needed the most and making this country ready for a better chance.

The Next Impact is aware of the imbalance in our society, hence it gives our team a sense of responsibility to contribute & maintain the equilibrium. What better way than making education a way to do that.

At The Next Impact, we believe that children are innocent and should be nurtured. Through our distribution drives, we are trying to help children from poor and underprivileged sections. And with the hope that this movement grows and becomes something that can stop children from begging and selling balloons etc on traffic stops for a livelihood. Every child deserves access to better education opportunities.