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Children in impoverished regions face a lot of difficulties in their everyday lives both economically or socially that directly or indirectly affect their education and future. We believe that a preference for aid should not be limited to students who are performing well in school. Therefore, at The Next Impact, we believe in supporting children in good times and in bad times, to help them reach their full potential and be a part of their journey till they realize their dreams.

Thought behind

The Next Impact

What makes us different?

The Next Impact's quest is to make education more pursuable for children to eradicate the educational inequality prevailing across the country.

We have often seen scholarships and educational support looking for eligibility but the only eligibility we look for is a dream to succeed.

If you ever see a child washing utensils at a local restaurant or out begging on the streets, does it make you wonder “what are the circumstances that led that child to that life?” There are several causes that force children down that path, however, we think that these bad times do not define them. Our cause associated with The Next Impact is to make sure every dream sees the daylight.

Additionally, at The Next Impact, we are introducing the concept of “lifelong mentorship”. A platform where scholarship is not just the end of our connection but we want to guide the children throughout their journey, helping them reach their full potential. So we have a mentor cum friend for each child, who will provide them with personalized guidance throughout their journey of becoming independent since education is not a matter of minutes and it is a lifelong journey.

Lifelong Mentorship

Empower the children with the guidance you have to share as a mentor, friend, a supporter to help children steer through their desired career path, and carve their potential to become an independent changemaker.

Our Values

Education accessibility for all

We are founded on a dream of providing accessible education to underprivileged children and enabling them to gain access to better opportunities.



Empower potential

The Next Impact mentors are a set of dreamers who aspire to give wings to a child's dream, unfolding their latent potential and guiding them to be front runners of change.


Imparting values through education

Along with mentoring children academically, our mentors are also dedicated to providing them the emotional support that goes missing in the chores of their lives.

We share ONE future. If WE don’t shape it, who will?