Why you should ‘Aspire with The Next Impact’?


Education is both the means as well as the end to a better life; means, because it empowers an individual to earn his/her livelihood and the end because it increases one’s awareness on a range of issues – from healthcare to appropriate social behavior to understanding one’s rights, and in the process evolve as a better citizen.

Aspire with The Next Impact is an initiative of The Next Impact, which is a platform for deserving children across the nation to discover their dreams/aspirations. The Next Impact believes that good education is one thing that will transform a child’s life into the nation’s future and so we encourage today’s youth to help them attain life-goals and empower them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

A platform for your purpose All you young dreamers have an opportunity to perceive and share the “Purpose of Your Life” and you will stand a chance to be selected as The Next Impact Young Achievers and get educational support to help achieve your goals. Aspire with The Next Impact is an opportunity for students to use the palette of thoughts and imagination to paint their life goals in the most creative and innovative way possible. All students in India studying in Classes VII-XII can participate in Aspire with The Next Impact.

Here’s a chance to give wings to your dream as Aspire with The Next Impact provides you a platform to discover your dreams/aspirations, the first stepping stone towards fulfilling your dreams.

How to participate?

1. All you need to do is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Write, paint, or enact the purpose of your life through a document, sketch/image, or video. Please upload or post it on our Facebook @thenextimpact.org or Instagram @thenextimpact page.

2. Submit entries only in English or Hindi. This is applicable to all modes of entry – written text, video message or any sketch with text. The written text should be between 80-150 words.

3. Fill the application form shared on our Facebook page, Instagram profile and our website.